Christmas Story-Poems
for Children
By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Best Christmas Gift of All (The)

The Christmas tree was fully decked

      With ornaments and lights,

And the house was decorated too:

      Oh, such a lovely sight!


Two children yawned, and yawned again

     And the parents, quick to see,

Said: ‘Thanks for all the help you gave

     To decorate our tree.’


‘It’s time for bed for both of you.

    Tomorrow’s a big day,’

And, yawning as they slowly left,

     They went off on their way.


Then later when the moon shone bright,

     One child awoke from sleep,

And with his family fast asleep,

     He thought he’d take a peep.


On Christmas Eve, late in the night,

     What do you think he’d see?

Well he saw something in the sky

     Not seen by you or me!


A man with sleigh came into sight –

    I’m sure perhaps you knew –

And on this sleigh you’ll also know

     Were gifts for me and you. 


I’m sure that you will also know

      That Santa’s rather shy,

And, should he see you looking out,

     He’ll surely pass you by.


So the little boy crept back to bed

    And shut his eyes up tight,

And next day no-one else was told

     Of what he’d seen that night!

Of all the gifts, on Christmas Day –

    Yes, both the large and small -

I’m sure, to see what this boy saw,

    Would be the best of all.

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