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Longer Narrative Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Boy Who Cried Wolf (The) - wix .jpg


(Based on story by Aesop)

adapted to poetry by:   Josie Whitehead

Boy Who Cried Wolf (The)

A long time ago, well before you were born,

     A shepherd-boy tended the sheep.

He sat in a valley by a forest of trees,

     And around him were mountains so steep.


'If only I had a few friends with me here.

     Perhaps we could talk and could play.

Watching those sheep as they chomp at the grass -

      You’ll agree it’s a waste of my day.'


Quite bored, on his own, he then thought of a trick -

     Just something to bring him some fun -

So he shouted: 'Wolf!  Wolf!' in a very loud voice

     And soon villagers started to run.


How angry they were with this silly, young boy.

      'We’re busy with more things to do

Than to come to your aid when it’s just a big joke

      That is played by a young boy like you!'


The boy wasn’t sorry.  He laughed and he laughed.

      'I’ll do it again,' was his thought.

So after two days he again called: 'Wolf!  Wolf!'

     And he laughed at the fun his words brought.


The villagers stopped in the course of their work,

      And hurried with speed to the boy,

But, finding again it was only a trick,

      Returned to their homes quite annoyed.


Next day, from the forest, appeared a big wolf

     Who was looking around for a meal,

And there in the field he saw lots of sheep,

      And for certain they had wolf-appeal.


The boy saw the wolf and he shouted aloud

      But everyone said: 'It’s a game!'

And nobody came to the aid of the sheep

      Which of course was an almighty shame.


The wolf had his dinner and the boy?  What of him?

     Well, a wise man said: 'Let me advise:

If you really want others to believe what you say,

      Then you certainly shouldn’t tell lies!'


Copyright on all my poems

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