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Hebers Ghyll.jpg


(Hebers Ghyll)

By Josie Whitehead

This is a 'shadow poem' in metre and subject of 'Down By the Salley Gardens' by William Butler Yeats The photograph is taken at Hebers Ghyll, Ilkley - about ten minutes walk from my home.

By the Waterfalls of Ilkley - 1

By the waterfalls of Ilkley Moor
     My love and I did meet.
Her eyes were filled with loveliness;
    Her cherry lips were sweet.

She warned me not to fall for her,
    With a warning so severe,
But my heart just told me otherwise;
     My ears, they didn’t hear.

In spring, beneath the cherry trees,
    I looked at her again.
To tell me not to fall in love
    Was to tell me quite in vain.

She'd warned me not to love her.
    Oh, her words were loud and clear.
Now I’m standing by those waterfalls, 
     Without my Ruby dear.

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