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B i r d   P o e m s 

By Josie Whitehead


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Canary Sings - wix.jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Canary Sings (A)

A canary, singing in his cage,

     Thinks of the world outside:

 He’s heard the blackbird’s joyful call

       Performed with heartfelt pride.


He's heard the sparrows’ chattering

     Out in the morning sun –

 Whilst he, poor creature, sings alone

      Far from their social fun.


In springtime they all made their nests

    And young were reared with care.

 Their days were long, their work was hard

     Out in the warm spring air.


No wife has he, no nest to build,

     And to whom can he complain?

A cage means that his freedom's gone.

     His job's to entertain.


The days shorten, the cold winds blow

      And swallows leave our shores

Yet from a cage in someone's home,

        A small voice gently soars.

Copyright on all my poems 

I have had several budgerigars as pets, but always more than one, as they love company and in the wild they always live in flocks and fly together.  They make lovable pets and mine used to fly around the house, but enjoyed being with me.  Josie

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