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Capture That Verse

A poem can hit you like a stone from the sky.

It can be sprinkled from heaven on a cloud passing by.

     It can come with a tune and arrive like a song;

     Be remarkably short or surprisingly long.


The subject can be the next thing that you see -

And perhaps the next subject could even be me!!  (Oh no!)

      But you’ve weather and seasons - yes snow and the ice,

      But a poem about summer might be rather nice.


There’s Christmas and Easter - have you written of these?

Did you write about flowers, and birds in the trees?

    And what about sport?  Oh there’s so much to write -

    And did you think for one moment to write about night?    


You may capture a rhythm from a band’s noisy beat,

And then words will rise up as you walk down the street.

     Don’t quiver or shiver, don’t panic or curse,

     But put pen to your paper and capture that verse!



Copyright on all my poems

Josie June 2016.jpg

Diddy DUM/ diddy DUM/ diddy DUM/diddy DUM 

Tetrameter: Four anapaests per line with rhyming aa bb.       
Note: 3rd and 4th lines start under 3rd letter above. 


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