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B i r d   P o e m s

By Josie Whitehead

Little Bird
Little Bird
Crow .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Charismatic Crow (The)

Look out upon a country scene
     And you’re bound to see a crow,
Related to the chough and jay
     And other birds you’ll know.

He's cousin to the raven too,
     Though, not the raven’s size,
And also cousin to the jay
     Which may be a surprise.

Rooks and jackdaws – handsome birds -
      Sit high in my tall tree,
But for charisma and intelligence,
     The experts all agree . . . .

The crow must surely top the list,
      And I’ll not disagree.
Also this bird, not liked by all,
     Has cast his spell on me.

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