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Christmas Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Christmas at Gran's .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Christmas at Gran's

This year we went to Granny’s house

      To spend our Christmas Day.

We put our presents in the car

      And a pretty holly spray.


The house alarm was safely set

     And we set off on our way,

And we were keen to see our Gran

     And to share her Christmas day.


The lights went off in every house

      And the families went to bed,

And tell me who, on Christmas Eve,

     Might be travelling overhead?


It’s a kindly man who drives a sleigh -

      High up there in the sky.

He brings his gifts when you’re asleep

      Because he’s rather shy.


He clambered down our chimney pot,

     And for certain meant no harm,

But when he climbed into our home,

      He started the alarm.


Poor Santa Claus was so distressed

     When the Police took him away –

Of course they thought he was a thief,

      And, what could Santa say?

He spent his night in the police cells –

     And the reindeer went there too.

So I’m sorry if you had no gifts

    Left round the tree for you.

Copyright on all my poems

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