Red Christmas Wreath


Christmas Poems

for Children

Red Christmas Wreath
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By Josie Whitehead

I’d love to spend a Christmas
     With the warm sun in the sky;
A Christmas where I’d fondly wish
     My winter clothes goodbye.

How good to spend a Christmas
Where the days were long and bright -
Where cold winds and wet drizzle
     Were both banished from my sight.

I can’t imagine Christmas
     With a barbecue instead;
With some warm sun on my body
     And the blue sea out ahead -

But would it be like Christmas
     Singing carols in the sun?
It’s bound to be like Christmas
     With good friends and lots of fun.

Copyright on all my poems

This was one of the poems that was chosen in 2010 for publication.  The 5 books, published by AMS Educational Publishers, are no longer available.  I hope you like this poem.  Josie 

Christmas in Summer