Christmas Poems

for Children

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By Josie Whitehead

Christmas is a Happy Time

Christmas is a happy time.
     Our teacher tells us so.
I just can’t wait till school breaks up
     And off back home we’ll go.

I’m sick of being a shepherd boy
     In the Christmas play at school 
And forcing kids to learn their lines
     Is really rather cruel.

Christmas is a happy time.
    It would be without cards.
We’re making them again this year
     And artwork’s rather hard.

I’m tired of singing Christmas songs
     And parties by the score!
I’m tired of Christmas dinners
     And I won’t eat any more.

Christmas is a happy time.
     My brother’s playing up

And Mum has overcooked the sprouts 
     And Dad’s broken a cup.

My Granddad’s always grumbling,
     And Granny’s gone to sleep.

The Christmas paper’s now cleared up
     And lies there in a heap.

Christmas is a happy time 
     But New Year soon will come 

And I’ll wash away that Christmas face 
    And try to look less glum.

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