Christmas Poems

Chicken Breast



By Josie Whitehead

Christmas Isn't the Same

Goodbye to the days when our Christmas was busy -
The cooking and cleaning - my head felt quite dizzy;
     The presents we bought and hid well out of sight
     And the fun of pretending 'he’s coming tonight.'

I used to complain my time wasn’t my own,
And here we now are in our home all alone.
     Well we’ll go to the church and greet other nice folk,
     Sing a carol for Christmas and laugh at a joke.

So let’s not prepare things the evening before;
Some sprouts and potatoes are hardly a chore!
    Two chicken breasts take only minutes to bake –
    And for only two people?  Don’t bother with cake!

We don’t need more things, so give presents a miss.
It’s a waste buying mistletoe when we never kiss.
    Why purchase strong drink which goes straight to the head
    When a good cup of tea might be better instead?

Our friends and our family?  Too busy for us!
So we’ll just keep it simple and not make a fuss.
    We’ve our home and each other and enough for a meal,
     So be thankful for these things– well that’s how I feel!

Copyright on all my poems 

This poem was chosen by teachers and children for publication.  It is a sad poem, but we are at the age now where many of these things are happening to us and to others of our own age.  I would suggest that younger people look around them to older people who may be spending Christmas on their own.  They may like to share some of the day with your family.  Josie