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C h r i s t m a s   P o e m s

By Josie Whitehead



By Josie Whitehead

A     Angel(s), Advent and anticipation.

B     Baby, Bethlehem, birth, bell, busy and boxing-day.

C     Christmas, Christ, crib, cards, candles, carols,  camels,    choir, crackers, chimney, cake, church, christingle,  cooking  

and . . . cleaning of course.    

D     Donkey, decorations, dinner (Christmas of course).

E     East, excitement, exhausted.

F     Father Christmas, fir tree, festival, festivity, fun, family, fairy, fields, flock, family, frankincense, friends. 

G     Gabriel, God, gifts, goodwill, greetings, gold and garland.

H     Herod, heavenly host, holy, happy, holiday, holly and 'help'.

I     Icing, inn, inn-keeper, illuminations.

J     Jesus, Joseph, Judaea, joyful, journey; Josie's Poems.

K     Kings, kiss, keeping watch. 

L     Love, lists, lambs, lights.

M     Mary, messiah, miracle, mistletoe, merry, mince pies, music, myrrh.

N     Nativity, night, noel, nuts, nutcracker, Nazareth.

O     Ornaments, oranges, opening, oxen.

P     Peace, prophet, presents, paper, parties,  poinsettia, pudding, pantomime and POEMS, of course.   

Q     Quiz; Quince pie; quality and quantity (of presents of course).

R     Reindeer, Rudolph, ribbon, robin.

S     Star, shepherds, sheep, stable, son, Santa, sleigh,  sleigh-bells, sack, stocking, stuffing, season and  sometimes  SNOW!!! 


T     Tree, tidings, tinsel, turkey, 'thank you'.

U     Unwrap (presents) under (tree).

V     Visiting, virgin, vacation.

W    Wreath, wrapping paper, wine and waiting?

X      Xmas (but I much prefer 'Christmas').

Y      Yuletide, yule log.


The letter z?


I've done the alphabet all through -
But left the letter z to you.

Snoozing: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  Goodnight.

Copyright on all my work

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