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Chapter 3 

Cinderella - Chapter 3

Things at the Palace were in hand:
The food and drink; the flowers and band.
      The king and queen were richly dressed
       And guests arrived all in their best.

Young women came from far and wide 
With hopes that they would be a bride -
      But more than that, with great success,
      They’d live their lives as a princess.

Two more arrived, but what a pair!
They caused the guests to point and stare.
      'A common lot,' was what was said.
      'The sort our prince would never wed.'

Their manners, dress and how they spoke 
Became the source of many a joke - - 

    The way they danced, hmm - the way they ate -
     Grabbing food from any plate!

Then all went quiet as through the door
The prince arrived and crossed the floor.
      Charming smiled and seemed at ease.
      Tonight his parents he must please.


                                                                                    Chapter 4                             



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