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Chapter 4
Cinderella Chapter 4

A lonely girl sat on her own,
From whom all thought of fun had flown.
      No-one cared, it was quite clear,
      And down her cheek there ran a tear.

But someone cared, oh yes, for sure,
For, without warning, through the door
    Appeared a lady, dressed in white.
She’d long, blonde hair and eyes so bright.

'Kindness brings its own reward 
And what you did was not ignored.
     You gave your love, you gave your care.
     With me, you everything did share.'

'Unknown to you, I’ve magic powers,
And I’ll transform your lonely hours.'
     Then from a box she took a gown,
     The best you’d find in any town.

Another box contained the shoes.
Perhaps they weren’t the sort you’d choose!
     Made of glass, you’d think they’d hurt,
     Yet, in them, Cinders felt quite *pert.

'Come Cinderella, hurry please!
Let’s get you ready now in these.'
     It didn’t take poor Cinders long.
     A magic wand helps things along.

'A coach awaits you at the gate -
A warning too:  Don’t come back late.
     The magic quickly loses power
     Beyond the chiming midnight hour.'

A coach awaited, it was true:
A pumpkin coach - I don’t kid you!
     To pull the coach?  Four horses white!
      Oh, goodness, what a wondrous sight!

With footmen standing at the rear
The night ahead seemed very clear 
     And off went Cinders to her ball -
     Of course, the sweetest girl of all.

Pert: attractively lively






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