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Chapter 5

Cinderella Chapter 5

Sweet Cinders caused all heads to turn.
Oh how the other girls did yearn
     To know where she’d obtained that gown
     For they’d tried every store in town.

The prince stopped halfway through a waltz
And quickly called for smelling salts.
      This beauty caused his pulse to throb
       For Cinders stood out from the mob.

By cancelling all his other dances,
The others lost all further chances.
      As dance by dance she won his heart,
      He felt they never more would part.

But things don’t ever go to plan
And midnight came!!  Oh the poor man
     Was pushed aside on the dance floor
      As Cinders tore off through the door.

Then, in her haste, she lost a shoe -
But what could poor young Cinders do?
     She tore back home and shut the door -
     Back to her kitchen and her chores.





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