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Cinderella Chapter 6

And is this story now complete?
Was Cinders’ romance just a cheat?
     You’ll all know that this wasn’t true!
     Remember that she dropped her shoe?

Next day, well everybody knew
The story of the fallen shoe -
     Of how a girl won Charming’s heart,
     And how, in haste, she did depart.

The Queen, his mother, said next day:
'You stupid boy!!  What did you say?
     Something was said to cause this haste!
     Good money spent!  Oh, what a waste!'

Poor Charming looked so sad and down,
But sent his men across the town.
    'Seek her whose foot will fit this shoe,
      And hurry now!  No more ado!'

From house to house; from door to door -
Oh what a long and tedious chore!
     From foot to foot, with little luck,
     The footmen tore around amuck!

At four o’clock they tried once more
And knocked upon a certain door.
      The shoes were tried, but once again
       It seemed to them 'twas all in vain. 

'Oh we give up,' they said and sighed,
But just before they left they spied
     A girl in rags cleaning the floor:
     'We’ve not tried this girl’s foot before!'

The step-mum tried to keep her cool
But said: 'You’re nothing but two fools.
      She’d never go to such a ball;
      She’s just a skivvy after all!'

But, when the slipper it was tried,
It fitted Cinders who, with pride,
     Admitted that the night before
      She’d danced upon the royal floor.

And Charming?  What when he was told?
His face was something to behold.      
     With Cinderella in his arms
     He once again beheld her charms.

He looked down at her lovely face
And knew no girl would take her place.
      A royal wedding soon was planned
      And held within an abbey grand.

The bells rang out and people waved;
The step-sisters were well-behaved.
      Charming gazed down with such pride
      Upon his darling little bride.

This story’s almost reached its end
But a moral’s here you can depend:
      Life may seem dull; you may be bored,
      But goodness brings its own reward.

Copyright on all my poems

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