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S e n s e s   P o e m s

By Josie Whitehead


By Josie Whitehead

Colour Me Silver

Colour me silver, bedazzling and bright.
Colour me silver like gentle moonlight.

     Silver watches, bracelets and bright silver rings -  
     What thoughts to your mind, does silver then bring?

I read in a book 'silver mirrors man's soul',
And, of course, silver cups are everyone's goal.
     Have you really shone at that which you've done?
     You'll surely be proud of the cup that you've won!    

Hair becomes silvery with advancement of years.
Silver coins in our pockets can soon disappear.
    Bright silvery ripples on streams really shine;
Silver’s great on our tables with candles and wine.

Now think of the moon with her silvery hue.
From her magnetic fields the tides take their cue.
      She brightens the sky with her luminous beams
      And guards over us in our night-world of dreams.

At the end of the day we part from the sun 
And moon and the stars tell us this day is done . . . . but
     Though silver helps people write poetry, it's said -
      This weary poet is now off to her bed.   Goodnight!

Copyright on all my poems

So what poems does a poet like?  I really love writing my  'colour poems' and I think you would love writing one too.  The thing is that you have so many colours to choose from and so many subjects which are coloured.  You're spoilt for choice.  So don't ask me, when I visit you, where do I find a subject.  It's easy peasy.  Josie 

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