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Paint Brush


Senses Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Paint Brush


By Josie Whitehead

Colour Us Blue

'Colour us blue,' said the sea and the sky.
      'We're the colour of stillness and calm.'
'And colour me blue,' said the cold Arctic ice.
     'I'm the colour of beauty and charm.'

You may colour me cool or colour me sad;
     Colour me blueness and sleep.
Blue is for confidence – you feel more assured
    As you deal with the people you meet.

Blue is for bluebells – forget-me-nots too.
    Look!  Blue kingfishers diving for fish!
Blue moons, blue moods, blue dresses and hats,
    But don't put blue food on my dish!

Do you like swimming in crystal blue seas
    Or to walk beneath sunny blue skies?
'Colour me blue,' said the massive blue whale.
    'There's no creature who's larger than I.'

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