Blue Shopping Bag
White Shopping Bag



F O O D     P O E M S

By Josie Whitehead

White Shopping Bag
Blue Shopping Bag

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Girl at the Grocery Shop


By Josie Whitehead

(Written in Anapaestic Tetrameter)

Doing the Shopping

A  small bottle of ketchup; two bottles of wine.
Then this herbal shampoo will make my hair shine.
     A crisp lettuce, tomatoes, a cucumber too 
     And some carrots and turnips to put in my stew.

A large packet of soup mix, some flour for the cake
And for dinner tonight - well, perhaps some nice steak.
      I need ham for our rolls; also one pound of cheese –
     And, oh yes, for the freezer, a packet of peas.

We have run out of milk, so this large one will do.
No, the smaller one's better for just me and you.
     Now, a dozen small eggs?  No, I think I'll buy large.
     Then there's sugar, of course, and a large tub of marg.

I must not forget teabags and coffee as well - - 
And this coffee's the best.  You can tell by the smell!
    Just a small bar of chocolate.  Here's my favourite one!
    I'll now pay at the checkout.  My shopping's all done!

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Add a pause, a little longer than after a comma, when you see a dash at the end of the line.  This is where I pause for thought of course.

*  I am often asked, when I visit classrooms:  'Where do you find the next subject for your poems?' hmmmmm    My answer?  Anywhere - yes, even in the supermarket.  You'll find subjects anywhere also, I'm sure.  Josie