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-Health and Wellbeing Poems -

By Josie Whitehead

Heavy Weights


By Josie Whitehead

Don't Hustle Your Muscles

Can you wiggle your toes and then squiggle your nose
     And then turn your lips into a smile?
Let's all wave our hands and stand up and sit down
      And then let's dance around with some style.


Do you go to the gym - perhaps run and then swim -
     Or just paddle your feet in the sea?
So whatever I do, it’s the same thing for you,
     For my muscles are working for me.

They are under our skin from our feet to our chin
     And in case you don’t know they are there,
They are lurking beneath, around bones, under teeth,
     And they’re also right under our hair.

They are working for you, whatsoever you do,
    Like an engine that’s driving a car,
But may I now suggest that you give them a rest
     Or you'll certainly not go too far.

Do not hustle and bustle.  Look after your muscles
    For they work for you all your life through.
So do not over-strain and then cause them some pain
      As I know you'll be suffering too!

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