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Senses Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Down Town 2.jpg

Leeds City Centre, Yorkshire at Dusk


By Josie Whitehead

Down Town

I see many different faces  
     As they pass me in the street;
And some smiles upon the faces  
     Of the people that I meet.

I can hear the rumbling traffic 
     As it slowly passes by
And from down inside a pushchair
     I now hear a toddler cry.

I feel lost beside the thousands
Who surge through the shopping mall,
With the constant noise of voices 
      As they chat or sometimes bawl.

I smell coffee in the café
    And the smell of . . . .
             ooh! steak and chips -  mmm
But the taste which I love most of all
     Is when they reach my lips.

Copyright on all my poems

Test Your Senses

With a partner or small group:

Tell them what you think of, using your own senses, for when you have been into a town.  ie What do you see, hear, smell, taste or touch?

In my town we have brass bands that play lovely music in our gardens, and we can sit in the sunshine and listen to this music.  I also hear the traffic, of course, but down at our river I hear humans and also dogs barking as they play and ducks quacking.

Steak Skillet
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