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Easter  Poems
  for  Children

By Josie Whitehead


Easter Decorations
Easter Decorations

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Easter Sneak Thief (The) - pink.jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Easter Sneak Thief (The)

Four chocolate Easter eggs 
      Sitting on a shelf:
A hand came and took one:
      Did you take it for yourself?

Three chocolate Easter eggs:
      Temptation at its best:
Another egg then disappeared:
     Who took it?  Have you guessed?

Two chocolate Easter eggs:
      Look – for certain there are two!
But that little hand has come again 
      And snatched it?  Was it you?

One chocolate Easter egg:
      YOU had the other three –
Oh, for certain this last Easter egg
      Must surely be for . . . . . who?  

               ME of course  - - - not YOU!

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