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Transport Poems -
Intercity to London

By Josie Whitehead


By Josie Whitehead

Express Train to London (The)

I'm ready to leave from my smart, modern station.

There are hugs and kisses with friends and relations.

      There goes my bell and everyone's ready,

      So I'll graciously glide out of here, nice and steady.


I'm gathering speed for there's no time to waste.

There are people relaxing and others in haste.

      There's a shine on my windows, my door's automatic,

      And see the folk waving?  I must look dramatic.


There's blue sky above and warm sun is shining.

Along comes the trolley – now people are dining.

     Someone is talking on his mobile phone:

     Perhaps it’s a call to his family at home.


There's a tunnel ahead so goodbye to the sun.

I love the dark tunnels - I have so much fun.

     Now the end of the tunnel is coming in sight -

     Just look right ahead!  See that pinprick of light?


Past houses, villages and a church with a steeple.

At the next busy station I'll exchange lots of people.

      They’re sitting and chatting or reading the news.

      Some look through my windows admiring the views.


See there in that field, all the cows are asleep,

Whilst over that bridge small children now peep.

    Goodbye to green meadows and woodlands so pretty.

    Look!   Skyscrapers, traffic - the buzz of the city.


Yes, London is here; I’ll pull into the station.

A voice through a speaker gives out information.

     I try not to boast, but I know I'm the best - - 

     But even the best needs a well-deserved rest.

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