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Minibeast Poems 
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Fifty Flashing Fireflies .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Fifty Flashing Fireflies

Fifty flashing fireflies

    Flickering in the night.

Fifty dancing *lightning bugs,

    Throwing out their light.


Dancing groups of fireflies -

    Such wonder and delight –

Waltzing through the blackness

    So delicate, so bright.


Each of these tiny beetle bugs

   Was sparkling in the dark,

Turning blackness into light

    And each a shimmering spark.

Copyright on all my poems


* Fireflies are also called lightning bugs.  Scientists have used firefly enzymes to reveal food-borne bacteria.  Some firefly species are synchronous - they blink on and off in unison.  Fireflies put on spectacular light shows to seduce prospective mates.

Alliteration:  Fifty Flashing Fireflies; beetle bugs, shimmering spark.  Each word begins with the same letter.  Try doing some yourself and watch out for this in other poems.  It is one of the tools of the poet's trade.  Josie 

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