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By Josie Whitehead

Flower Of The Eternal Sleep - Dymock Cho

This PDF contains the music for 'Flower of the Eternal Sleep', which was written to go with my poem, by Robert May:


My name is Bob May; I recently retired from full time music teaching in secondary education and continue to direct the choir and play the organ at our local parish church (

I organise various concerts during the year.  On Friday 11th November, I will be presenting a concert of readings and music entitled 'We Will Remember' in aid of The Royal British Legion'.

Whilst researching suitable readings I discovered your moving poem "Flower of the Eternal Sleep".  I found the message, metre and length greatly appealing and I am writing to ask if you would be kind enough to grant me permission to perform a musical setting for four part choir and accompaniment that I have composed for this special event on Remembrance Day here in the Parish Church of St. Mary, Dymock, Gloucestershire.  Naturally, I would be very happy to send you a jpeg of the score for you to see. I look forward to hearing from.


Bob May  

Ask their permission before using the music as there is copyright on it as there is also on my poem.  Josie 

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