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Flower Poems

 By Josie Whitehead

White Lillies
White Lillies

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 Flower Poems 

White Orchid Close Up



By Josie Whitehead

Flower of Love and Innocence

Flower of love and innocence,

     The exquisite orchid grows -

And yet, this dazzling, cherished flower

     Is more common than the rose.


You’ll find one nestling ‘neath the trees

     In a forest’s leafy shade

Or at flower shows and stately homes

     You’ll find them there displayed.


Some orchids grow high up in trees,

     Their roots well off the ground -

But can you guess, where else on earth,

     The orchid can be found?


The Arctic Circle?  Surely not!

     Yes they’ve been found up there!

Now don't you think that they'd appeal

     To a lumbering polar bear?


*There are so many different types

     Upon our earth, you know.

Some have perfumes really strong,

     And others not much though.


They come in lovely rainbow shades -

     In love they play their part -

So, for a man with love in mind,

     These flowers could win her heart.


* I read that there are 25,000 different types of orchid.

Copyright on all my poems

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