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Poems for Younger Children

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Follow Your Feet

Follow your feet wherever they go.
Perhaps they will run or will they go slow?
       Will they jump in the air, or stay on the ground?
       Will you walk a straight line, or go round and round?

Follow your feet.  Will they run through the sea?
Will they chase through the park, or climb up a tree?
      The music is playing – come, follow your feet
      For feet love to dance, so let’s move to the beat.

Put on your boots.  Let’s play in the snow -
Or jump on your bike, and off your feet go.
      You might play in a puddle or run up a hill 
      For when you’re a child, feet never are still.

Follow your feet.  Come on, let’s have fun.
Feet love to keep busy, so come on, let's run 
      Off to the school where we’re busy all day,
      But when the bell rings, then feet like to play.  


Follow your feet till the end of the day
For feet soon get tired when you run, jump and play.
       So when you get home and then you’ve been fed,
       Those two little feet will be ready for bed.

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Winter Hiking Boot
Winter Hiking Boot
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