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By Josie Whitehead

Give Us a Buzz

‘Give us a buzz,’ said the lady Queen Bee

‘If you want any honey - especially for tea.

     Our honey’s the best and there’s plenty to spare –

     And honey for tea is quite lovely to share.’


‘Give us a buzz,’ - yes, she said it again:

‘Our workers are busy in sun, but not rain.

     They work in the summer, but winter?  Oh no,

      For little bees don’t collect pollen in snow.’


‘Give us a buzz,’ – when summer is here –

For with the sun shining my workers appear.

       They’ll work in your garden for many an hour,

        As they flitter and flutter from every sweet flower.’


‘Give us a buzz,’ said the lady Queen Bee –

And enjoy the good honey – a present from me.’

     Goodbye from the Queen and her hard working bees.

     How strange would be life without insects like these.

Copyright on all my poems

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