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Let's Discuss it 

By Josie Whitehead

Children:  Before reading my poem, get into small groups and, at your table, write down a list of all the ways that you can communicate/tell someone something.  You might start at the fastest way and work your way down to the slowest way.  Some of you may think of ways that human beings could communicate before they had the internet.  See who can think of the most ways.  Josie 

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By Josie Whitehead

Go Betweens (The)

Oh, bless the ones who carry messages:-
    The mobile phones, the postman’s van;
The carrier pigeon in the air
    Or, down on earth, our own postman.

Our human lips, the letter box;
    The email via the internet;
The manufacturers of cards -
     And telephone, please don’t forget.

The man who reads the evening news;
    Our ears, our nose, our touch and sight;
The news that’s passed along the street,
    Or that which comes via satellite.

Oh, bless all those who carry messages -
    Who carry news from place to place.
God bless all those who pass on words
    Between those in the human race.

Copyright on all my poems

PS:  Do animals and birds understand human speech?  Give examples.  Can any of them actually speak?  Yes, I know some who can.  Think of some birds who can copy our language and dogs understand, of course.                                                                                                                  Josie



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