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Christmas Story Poems
 for Children

By Josie Whitehead

God's Christmas Plan .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

God's Christmas Plan

God looked down at his list of work 

      And planned his year ahead.

‘I’ve tried and tried and tried again,’

      Was what he sadly said.


‘We now have Muslims and some Jews:

      My prophets did their best,

But someone needs to speed things up –

     To reach out to the rest.


‘The people down on Earth,’ he said,

      'Spend too much time at war.

It’s love and kindness they should learn.

     I’ve said all this before.


‘My workload’s getting more and more;

      Whatever can I do?

I’ll need some help,’ he told his son;

     'Perhaps some help from you.’


So Jesus looked up from his books - -

    A willing lad was he.

He’d heard the words his Dad had said,

     And yes, had to agree.

‘So what’s the plan?’ he quietly said.

     'How do I get to Earth?'

His Father said: ‘I'll get you there.

    You’ll need a special birth.

‘We'll need some help,’ his Dad explained:

      Some angels, shepherds, star,

And a donkey’s what we also need

      For a journey that’s quite far.


‘We’ll need a mother for you lad –

     And an earthly father too.

Oh, and something else we’ll surely need:

      A birth-place fit for you.’


He carefully planned this special birth

      And found a willing Mum.

Then nine months later, plans in place,

     The special day had come.


The angels had prepared their songs

     And practised telling news - -

But where was Jesus born that night?

     Well, to help you, here’s some clues.


Think Bethlehem; think busy town.

    Think ‘animals’ and ‘sleep’,

And Jesus, as a new-born babe,

     Was born near cows and sheep.


He saw the faces of the cows

     Who looked down with surprise,

And, being born, makes babies tired,

      So he closed his baby eyes.


When he awoke, he saw some men:

      They told him they were kings.

They’d travelled far to say 'hello,'

     And they’d brought him special things.


They gave him gold and frankincense,

     And one had brought some myrrh,

And his mother, Mary, was surprised,

     When they handed these to her.


'Before you woke’ his mother said,

     Some shepherds called here too.

God's angels sent them here, they said,

      And a star brought them to you!'


This little child, sent here from God,

     Was given a special birth,

But Jesus knew he’d work to do

     For God, upon our Earth.


He brought God’s blessings to mankind,

     But brought a message too:

‘Don’t fight and kill, but give out love.

     That’s his message sent to you.'

Copyright on all my poems

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