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By Josie Whitehead

God's Own Country

Ask writers, poets, film-makers
     Or those who like to paint:
Ask the farmers or the countrymen
      Or those you may acquaint - - - 

And if they live in Yorkshire, well - 
      They’ll tell thee not to shout,

For in God’s own country – yes, right here –
     There’s no doubt He’s about.

His teams of angels tend the hills,
     The rivers and the lakes.
They love the birds and animals
     And they never make mistakes.

They paint the purple heathered moors,
      Spray wild flowers everywhere;
They teach the birds to sweetly sing,
      As I’m sure you are aware.

They nurture God’s own country well,
      As all of us should do 
And, after all the work they do,
     There’s something they’ll need too –

So, kettle on, bring cups and plates:
     They’ll want their Yorkshire brew:
God’s angels like their tea and scones
      And I’m sure that you do too.

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PS - It's my own country too as I think you'll know.  So do come for tea and scones as some of you do!