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First Day at School Poem

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Goodbye and Good Luck

Goodbye and good luck on your first day at school.
Now eat up your dinner and don’t act the fool.

     Be kind to the others and don’t shout out loud.
     You’re not home with Mummy but are one of a crowd.

Goodbye and good luck.  Don’t be frightened or sad.
With your schooldays ahead, it’s a time to feel glad.

     Your teacher will tell you just what you must do.
     Pay attention and listen.  She’s speaking to you!

Goodbye and good luck.  You’ll have so much to learn.
Now don’t push the others but wait for your turn.

     Don’t giggle or wriggle but sit still in your place
     And don’t look so worried.  Put a smile on your face.

 Goodbye and good luck. Give your teacher this rhyme.
She might read it to you if she has any time.

     Enjoy your first school-day. Make friends as you play,
     And we’ll wait for your news  at the end of the day.

Copyright on all my poems


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