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Poems About Our
Beautiful Natural World

By Josie Whitehead

Goodbye Sun .jpg
Goodbye Sun

The sun-kissed fields glow in the sun

     Before it takes its leave.

The evening sky then reaches out

      And the moon and stars retrieve.


Goodbye, goodbye to summer’s sun.

     Go wake the world beyond,

Whilst darkening shadows slowly creep

      Across our village pond.


The creatures of the day now sleep.

      Their day’s work’s at its end,

Whilst from on high, down to our earth,

      The moon’s soft rays descend.


Whilst animals and human beings

      Succumb to night-time sleep,

The creatures of the night wake up

      And at their world they peep.


The owl takes off across the fields,

     And on silent wings he sweeps.

He seeks small animals to eat,

     Those out whilst children sleep.


Within the moon’s soft gentle rays

      The little bats appear.

In the dying embers of the sun,

     You can see them very clear.


Our world revolves.  Night turns to day,

        And our earth’s lit by the sun,

And the creatures of the night will sleep,

      For all their work is done.


The children make their way to school.

      There’s a busy day ahead,

And whilst they work at school or play,

      Night creatures sleep instead.

Copyright on all my poems

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