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Poems About
Our Natural World

By Josie Whitehead

Sleeping Baby

By Josie Whitehead

Goodnight Children

'Goodnight,' says Mother, as she tucks you up tight.
'We’ll see you tomorrow.'  Then click goes the light.
       Your day’s at its end.  You’re warm; you’ve been fed.
       You’ve a soft, downy pillow right under your head.

The daylight has gone and the sun’s left the skies.
You’re tired, you yawn and at last shut your eyes.
      Out there in the world other creatures seek bed.
      They too need a place to lay down their heads.

The duck calls her babies: 'Come now and sleep,'
And under her soft downy feathers they creep.
      She’s six baby ducklings all cuddled together;
      Warm next to Mum and safe from wet weather.

The little birds sing their last song for the day
And off to their bushes they hurry away.
      Many animals find a safe place for the night
      As down goes the sun and the moon shines her light.

But whilst we all slept, other creatures awoke.
The owl hooted loudly; frogs started to croak.
      Then bats soon appeared and flew round the sky,
      But they all disappeared when morning was nigh.

A shout comes next morning: 'It’s time to arise!'
Your bedroom is sunny and see those blue skies!
     Remember the creatures that sleep in the day.
     Whilst they are asleep you are busy with play.

Copyright on all my poems

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