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By Josie Whitehead

Woman Knitting

By Josie Whitehead
Gran's New Vocation

My Granny's a knitter of fame and renown

And her work is admired by all in our town.

     She knitted my jumper and cardigan too,

     And a long woollen scarf and a jacket of blue.


She knitted a jacket and next came a mat -

And then she made Granddad a warm woolly hat.

     She knitted two scarves for my sister and brother

     And what do you think that she made for my mother?


She made her a blanket in soft wool of white

Which keeps Mummy warm on a wintry night.

     But knitting gets boring - you may well agree -

     So she’s on a new mission - she writes poetry.


She now writes her poems from the morning till night

And they, she knows well, bring the children delight,

     So our warm hand-made socks are a thing of the past

     For Gran’s TRUE vocation’s discovered at last!

PS - Not me.  I'm a knitter, but it was never a 'vocation'.  I've been a teacher of secretarial work, and so shorthand and typewriting was my true vocation in life.

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