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 Minibeast Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead  

Greedy Young Caterpillar .jpg
Greedy Young Caterpillar .jpg
Greedy Young Caterpillar .jpg
By Ron Chin


By Josie Whitehead

Greedy Young Caterpillar (A)

A greedy young caterpillar tucked into his meal 
And green leaves for certain have insect appeal. 
      A butterfly said: 'You’ve a surprise on the way, 
      So you eat up your lunch, and do as I say.' 
But his jacket was feeling exceedingly tight! 
Perhaps eating too much may not have been right!
     But the butterfly added: 'Not long now to wait! 
     It’s humans who seriously think of their weight!' 
The caterpillar crunched and he munched all the day, 
And it seemed that his hunger would not go away. 
      He continued his chomping all through the night, 
      And his jacket now felt - well, most horribly tight. 
Next day, in the sunshine, he closed up his eyes 
And, deep in his sleep, he dreamt with surprise 

     That his jacket was splitting!  Help!  What could he do? 
     But, like humans, he knew that dreams don’t come true. 

At midday he woke, feeling ever so strange, 
And saw that for certain there’d been a big change. 
     With his tattered old jacket lying there at his side, 
     He’d beautiful wings and was bursting with pride! 
Instead of a caterpillar, crunching on greens,
Was the loveliest butterfly you’ve ever seen. 
With wings of bright colours with which he could fly, 
      This most gorgeous of creatures flew into the sky. 

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