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By Josie Whitehead

Hang Out in Halifax

Let’s find an ancient English town
   Whose products brought it fame:
Whose sheep, that grazed upon its hills, 
       Brought to this town acclaim.

Let’s find a town where businessmen
     Saw wealth could come from sheep.
From wool and looms, there was no doubt 
     Of riches they could reap.

So wool, ‘the jewel in Britain’s crown’
     Put money in their banks,
And, Halifax, with sheep on hills,
      Rose in the business ranks.

Now, what of modern Halifax,
     Surrounded by its hills?
So, who today is putting cash 
     Into its modern tills?

Well, who hangs out at Halifax?
       Musicians, artists?  Sure!
Businessmen and students too; 
     And craftsmen by the score.

The ancient Piece Hall’s been restored
     And has the right to boast
For its sprawling cloth-hall of the past 
    Has shaken off its ghost.

This Grade 1 listed edifice,
    In Yorkshire stands up tall,
Boasting culture, history and art –
    With a grandiose shopping mall.

Now, children, here’s a place for you,
      Where you can learn from play:
‘Eureka’s’ a fantastic place 
     Where you can spend your day.

A National Museum where kids can play?
   Well that sounds lots of fun -
And Mum and Dad like fun as well
     When all is said and done.

This ancient town, of long ago,
     Today can pull the crowds –
And Halifax, a Yorkshire town,
      Can hold its head up proud.

Copyright on all my poems




The Piece Hall in Halifax is a unique Grade I listed building dating back to 1779, originally built to support the trading of 'pieces' of cloth. ... The stories of Georgian Halifax are told in specially created heritage spaces and there is an art gallery hosting visual art exhibitions.

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