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By Josie Whitehead

Harrogate for Health

In Georgian times, just mention 'spa'
And folk would come from near and far.
     Link 'spa' to Harrogate or Bath,
     And soon there’d be a well-worn path.

Wealthy people needed care,
And Harrogate would gladly share
     Their waters and their smart hotels,
     To make the sick, but wealthy, well.

Iron, sulphur and common salt,
Caused their aches and pains to halt.
     A citadel famed for its springs?
    Ah yes, but look what money brings!

Harrogate’s fame for water came,
When, on the scene, there came a name:
      William Slingsby did foretell
      That Harrogate’s water makes you well.

The rest is history, you see,
And Harrogate’s known by you and me
     To draw the tourists from afar,
     With much more than their famous spa.

The Georgian’s wanted gardens, flowers
And good hotels to pass their hours.
     Theatres, restaurants, shops and art –
     Well, that’s a few things for a start.

For me, this town’s not far from home,
And there I love to go and roam,
     To visit gardens, meet my friends –
     Oh there’s much more, you can depend.

There are many words I could write down,
But thank you Georgians for this town.
     My day‘s gone fast, I must away,
     But I’ll be back another day.

Copyright on all my poems

William Slingsby

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