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Bird Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

 Colorful Bird
Watercolor Bird 2

By Josie Whitehead
His Name Begins with B

Who observes you in the garden

      And watches whilst you play?

Who dashes down for breadcrumbs

      And then quickly flies away?


Who loves his snails for breakfast?

      Who eats his worms for brunch?

Who then sings from high in the tree

       And chomps on fruit for lunch?


Who steals the gardener’s raspberries

      And devours his other fruit?

Who thinks he is the smartest bird

      Dressed in his pure black suit?


Whose wife has brownish feathers;

      Lays green-blue speckled eggs?

Whose beak is sharp and golden

      And has brown-blackish legs?


I think by now you’ve surely guessed.

    His name begins with “b” –

And listen to that singing voice!!!

     There's no-one sings like he!


                      (The blackbird, of course)

Copyright on all my poems

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