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Bucket & Spade


Christmas Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead


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Bucket & Spade
Hot Country Santa - Heading .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Hot Country Santa

What use is a tunic all cosy and warm

And a snug woolly hat that’s a part of my norm;

     With my big Santa boots designed for the snow,

     When in Aussie there’s none, as you very well know?


What use is a sleigh, all loaded with toys,

To bring some delights to small girls and boys,

     When all that they want is the sun and the sea,

     Not presents from a white bearded person like me?


What use are my reindeers when they’ve kangaroos?

My deer would be captured and put in their zoos.

     And their nights are too short to go creeping around,

     And for certain I won’t find snow on their ground.


But I tell myself now that I’m getting quite old,

And what good is a job outside in the cold?

      So instead I’m now off to the warm Aussie sun –

      Oooh!  A santa in swimsuit?  Yes that’s much more fun!

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