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By Josie Whitehead

The Tarn, Ilkley Moor, in Winter
How Was Your Stay in Ilkley?

How was your stay in Ilkley?
   Did you walk upon the moors?
Did you climb the path to White Wells,
   See the baths and take a pause?

Did the sun shine down upon you
   With its warmth upon your cheek?
Did you see the purple heather
   And hear Wharfedale's bleating sheep?

Were the waterfalls still bouncing
   Over rocks at Hebers Ghyll?
Were there skylarks soaring overhead
    Above gold brackened hills?

When you walked beside the River Wharfe,
    Were children out to play?
Did you stop to feed our many ducks
    Who encourage folk to stay?

Perhaps you were quite lively
   And climbed the Cow and Calf.
I hope you brought your climbing gear -
   You can't do things by half.

As you walked in Ilkley's busy streets
   Beneath the cherry trees,
Did you like our pretty flower beds?
    We really try to please.

We hope you had a lovely stay
   Within this town of ours.
Goodbye for now but come again
   And spend more happy hours.

Copyright on all my poems

That Heaven-Felt Still - Heading .jpg

Ilkley Moor in August

Waterfalls (2).jpg

Hebers Ghyll

The Old Bridge over River Wharfe, Ilkley

Cow and Calf Rocks, Ilkley Moor
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Ilkley 110.jpg

Memorial Gardens, Ilkley

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