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People Poems

By Josie Whitehead


By Josie Whitehead

I Love Him So

Long on will and short on skill;

Nimble feet and voice so shrill.

     He’s a young man set apart

     Whose cheeky grin just wins my heart.


He’s tender sweet with skin of peach;

Such eyes as his!  Oh. who needs speech?

     He throws his dinner on the floor,

     Then loudly shouts and asks for more.


He sees a new world to explore

And he’s off to any open door.

     Will of iron and outstretched hands -

      He’s got his own determined plans.


Cupboard doors and drawers that slide:

He pulls them open with such pride.

     Things to bang and things to throw.

      He’s my grandson.  Oh, I love him so.


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