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Bird Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead



By Josie Whitehead

I'm Not a Silly Dilly Duck

I'm not a silly dilly duck

     Who swims upon the *Wharfe.

I’m not the largest duck on earth,

     But I’m also not a dwarf.


I’m waiting for my food to come

     And think it’s rather sweet,

To see the children throwing it

     Exactly at my feet.


No, I’m not a silly-dilly duck.

     I’ve feathers grey and green.

My wife’s feathers are silky brown.

     She’s the sweetest duck I’ve seen.


We’ve lots of sons and daughter ducks -

     Cousins and aunts as well.

The River Wharfe is just the place

     Where our families love to dwell.


I’m not a silly-dilly duck

     Of that I’m very sure.

I often fly to see my friends

     Who live on Ilkley Moor.


The Tarn is where we fraternize

     And pass an hour or two.

And for sure there’s not a better place.

     Like me, you’ll know it’s true. 


No, I’m not a silly-dilly duck

     Paddle-dabbling in the river.

Oh, the winter wind is biting now.

     So I’ll sit with friends and shiver.


We look hopefully at everyone

     With pleading little eyes.

Our hungry tums are not much fun.

     Don’t blame us when we try.


So children, when you visit us

     On Ilkley’s grassy banks,

The food you bring, will always be

     Received with many thanks.


In springtime we’ll be busy ducks

     With  youngsters all around,

But you’ll be welcomed, one and all,

     With a happy-quacky sound.


*The River Wharfe, Wharfedale, Yorkshire.

Copyright on all my poems

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Note:  Don't give the wild birds bread, and certainly not the ducks and swans.  You can easily buy duck and swan pellets and I believe they are much cheaper than bread and certainly much better for them.  I have wild ducks who come to my home daily and this is their favourite food for sure.  One even has his in his little blue dish in my utility room ('Boy' is his name) - because he doesn't like being bullied by those outside, of course. Josie

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