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Christmas Decorations


Christmas Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead


Christmas Decorations
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By Josie Whitehead

I Think This Person is You

Who’s been pestering Mummy right now - 
      And pestering Daddy as well?
Who’s been helping to mix Christmas cake
       And enjoyed the Christmassy smell?

Who has been asking for too many things
      And who has been planning ahead?
Who gets excited when Christmas Eve comes
     And can’t get to sleep in their bed?

Who will be listening for Santa to come
      And who’ll fall asleep as they do?
Who’ll wake up early to see if he’s been?
       Do you think that this person is YOU?

Who’ll wake up others when searching for toys,
When they know they’ve been told they must wait?
Who won’t understand their Mum and their Dad
       If they stay in their bed until late?

Who’ll invite others to play their new game
      But won’t want these others to win?
Who likes to cheat sometimes during the game
      And if told off, it’s then that they grin?

Who’ll be enjoying a nice Christmas lunch
      And who’ll pull a cracker or two?
Who knows the answers to all of these things?
       For certain I’m sure it is YOU. 

Copyright on all my poems


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