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By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

I Want to Go to School, Too

'It isn’t fair!’ my brother cried.

    ‘I  want to go to school!

I’m fed up now with nursery school

    And to make me go is cruel!’


‘My brother’s gone and why can’t I?’

    Oh, how he did complain!

He said this once, he said this twice

    And said it once again.


He cried, he kicked and looked quite sad.

    ‘I’m NOT a baby now!’

We tried to think how we could help –

    But help him?  Tell me how.


‘I want to go to school today!’

    Shh - a knock upon the door.

His friend arrived and off they went

   To nursery school, for sure.


Next year they’ll both go to our school.

    It won’t be long to wait

And on that day, he and his friend

     Will chase through our school gate.

Copyright on all my poems

My own brother was exactly like the boy in the story.  One day whilst I was in my class at school, my 3-year old brother was seen in the field next to the school.  He was making his way to school whilst Mum had the policeman out looking for him.  


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