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By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead
Ideas for Poems

An idea can float from the clouds on a breeze:

It can settle on rooftops or nestle in trees.

    You can easily catch one from a blackbird who sings

    And also from minibeasts or other small things.


An idea can just slap you bang, hard on your nose 

But sometimes they tickle when they land on your toes.

     They can come gently wafting on the scent of a flower

     Or perhaps from the clock when it next chimes the hour.


An idea can come softly from words overheard 

Or perhaps in your garden from a bee or a bird.

    An idea can attack you with words that strike hard 

    And just when you’re resting - they show no regard.


Ideas come quietly and they’ll land in your mind.

It’s when you’re not looking that they hit you, I find.

    When you’re quietly relaxing with Dad or with Mum,

    And suddenly! Oh goodness! It’s then that one comes.


An idea can spring up from a thought in your head 

And disturb you maybe whilst you’re dreaming in bed.

     An idea can come from a scene in your mind.

     Oh carry on searching and your own you will find!



Copyright on all my poems

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