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By Josie Whitehead


I’ve a favourite spot, where I love to sit down
And watch others pass by in my lovely hometown.
     I can see a fine tea room across from my seat:
     And, with high expectations, folk enter to eat.

There are others, of course, who just dither outside,
As they gaze at the cakes that are shown with much pride.
     They are tempting, enticing, mouth-wateringly sweet,
     So will folk succumb, or remain on the street?


Then next to the seat is the Church Coffee Centre.
Beware all you visitors if you should enter.
      You’ll all be enticed to the cakes and the tea 
      And I know those attractions - be cautioned by me!

There’s a bandstand behind me: sit down and relax
For the next half an hour, you’ll forget tea and snacks.
      The band’s opening notes are both vibrant and strong,
And Yorkshire’s the place where these brass bands belong.

Sat here amidst gardens, prolific with flowers,
With blue sky and sunshine, you could spend some hours,
     But rouse yourself now and come, walk to the moors
     And see *curlews and lapwings as they gently soar.
Golden gorse, purple heather and the clearest of skies -
And nature’s provided such views for your eyes.
     Look out from these moors to the ranges of hills
     Whose dales have for centuries housed woollen mills.

If you’ve not been to Ilkley, you’re missing a treat
And, for certain, your life will be far from complete.
      So, come for a holiday or perhaps for the day,
      But be prepared for a feeling of yearning to stay!

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Ilkley Moor .jpg

ILKLEY - NOMINATED THE BEST PLACE TO LIVE IN BRITAIN - 2022 - I'm lucky because this is my home town.

* Curlews, lapwings and other birds on Ilkley Moor.  Listen here
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