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Christmas Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead


By Josie Whitehead

Stack of Gifts
Stack of Gifts
It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas
Christmas Holly

They’re decorating homes and streets;

     They’re decorating shops,

And with Christmas coming very soon,

     The work – it never stops.


They’re buying gifts and writing cards,

     And making cakes and pies,

And the children, too, are hoping that

     They’ll get a nice surprise.


Now Santa’s working really hard,

     To load his sleigh up high.

The reindeer, too, prepare themselves

     And look up at the sky.


The children light the sitting room

     With lights upon their tree.

Then it’s time for bed for everyone,

     Including  you and me.


But who can sleep on Christmas Eve?

     The street goes quiet soon,

But if you looked out at the sky,

     Up at the stars and moon . . . .


Come on you children, tell me what

     As well, you’d likely see.   

A man on sleigh, with lots of gifts

     And some for you and me.

Copyright on all my poems

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Christmas Holly
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