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Christmas Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead


SO DON'T . . . 

By Josie Whitehead

It's Christmas, So Don't . . .

DON’T pester poor old Santa Claus

       For things you hope you’ll get:

A box of chocs, a swimming pool

       Or perhaps a private jet?


DON’T choose the biggest chocolate bar

      Or the stickiest, gooey bun:

Christmas day’s for everyone:

       A time for having fun.


DON’T grumble when Gran wins a game

       When you feel that you should win!

When Granddad drops cream down his suit –

      Oh, promise not to grin.


DON’T loudly scream and stamp your feet

       If you don’t get your own way.

It’s Christmas Day, remember that:

       So just clear off and play!


But, DO return and bring your smile -

      A pleasant, cheerful face -        

And, with your special gift of love

       You’ll find a happier place.

Copyright on all my poems

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