- Our Poetical Language
By Josie Whitehead
It's Onomatopoeia My Dear - Heading .jpg
It's Onomatopaeia My Dear

Crackle, crackle; clink clank clunk,
      Are onomatopoeia –
A word well known by those who write
      But not a word to fear.

Then tick-tock, tick tock, clang clang clang -
      Is that a clock I hear?
And rumble, rustle, pop and purr -
       They're onomatopoeia.

Bubbling, burbling, splishing, splash
      Tells us that water's near 
And pitter patter, pitter patter -
       They're onomatopoeia.

Knock knock, honk honk and quack quack quack 
     You'll understand, my dear, 
They're words, which closely copy sounds:
       They're onomatopoeia.

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Exercise:  Why not bring in a small card with a word that represents a sound and each put it on your classroom notice board this week?  See how many you can find - and you've lots to choose from.  Josie