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Travel and Transport Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Cityscape of Florence
L'italia è un posto perfetto in cui andare in vacanza.


By Josie Whitehead

Italy - The Perfect Place

Bordered by mountains and bounded by sea
Italy is somewhere I so love to be.
     I’ll drink the best coffee, feel sun on my face - - and -
     With wine and good friends, I'm at home in this place.

With breath-taking sea views, mountains and lakes
The visitors come for vacations and breaks.
     They crowd into cities; they swim in the seas 
      Or walk through grand gardens and sit under trees.  

They’ve spectacular cities of historic charm 
And quiet countryside with vineyards and farms.
      If it’s history you seek you can step back in time –
      But I can’t tell you all, and for sure not in rhyme.

Italian evenings mean crowds on the street,
And it’s here that, with family and friends, they all meet.
      The restaurants are busy with good food and wine 
       And, surrounded by chatter, it’s here many dine.

They’re all talking of families, of football and love
As they sit at their tables, the bright moon above.
     They’re hospitable people who entertain well
     With such kindness that would be quite hard to excel.

From the Alps snow-capped peaks down to Sicily’s coves
And from Rome’s ancient buildings to warm olive groves:
     With Italian vineyards, the beaches, the arts  -
     These surely are things which have won people's hearts.

All good holidays, sadly, must come to their end
And, with sadness, I wave my farewell to my friend.
     All those days, filled with friends and with infinite pleasure,
     Have built memories for me that I always will treasure.

Copyright on all my poems 




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